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Answering your packaging pains, one custom poly bag at a time.

Sometimes for an operation to run smoothly, all you need is a wellness check. When was the last time you thought about custom poly bags for your operation?

Case 1 Problem:

To protect large, high end, polished tool chests from scratching and dirt the manufacturer covers the chest with a poly bag. Since added anti-block additives to the poly bag would cause surface abrasion they werent used in the original order of the bags, making it very difficult to open them.


We provided a new proprietary LLDPE-HSB formula with specially engineered additives that eliminated abrasion and scratching while at the same time allowing the large bags to be opened easily.

Case 2 Problem:

A large scale meat packer was using an LLDPE bags to line their corrugated containers during the blast freeze operation. They wanted to increase the strength of the bag and provide barrier protection against freezer burn while at the same time reducing the cost of the LLDPE liners.


We were able to provide a three layer Tri-extruded bag that utilized a different polyethylene resin in each layer. The proprietary layer was designed to decrease the moisture vapor transmissions and to increase the overall strength of the bag. The lighter weight, premium resins increased freezer protection for the meat and reduced the overall costs.

Case 3 Problem:

A large manufacturer of auto parts required a cost reduction for the LLDPE bags being used to package their non-critical parts as well as theHDPE bags being used to protect parts with Class A surfaces during shipment and eventual installation on the cars.


We were able to provide thinner, yet stronger, Co-Extruded LLDPE bags for non-critical parts where increasing tear strength was the most important factor. We also provided a HDPE-HSB formulation for the type Class A auto parts to reduce surface abrasion yet increase tensile strength and puncture resistance while keeping the bag lightweight. Both bags ended up being thinner, but stronger, and more cost effective. The distributor was then able to reduce the costs to their customer while still improving their profit margins.

With Polybagsupplies, you receive not only a packaging company, but a partner in productivity, packaging, and processes that will guide you to the most optimal packaging solution for your application.

IPS offers custom and stock poly bags including:

  • Flat poly bags, gusseted poly bags, and reclosable poly bags
  • Anti static poly bags, black conductive poly bags, and polypropylene poly bags
  • Poly mailing bags, wicketed poly bags, bubble bags, and die cut poly bags
  • VCI poly bags, ice bags, plastic handle bags
  • Plastic sheeting, lumber wraps, trash bags and compactor bags
  • Bagging machines
  • Bag opening devices, tape sealers, and nylon ties is a leading provider of polybags, poly packaging supplies, bagging equipment and packaging solutions. If you would like to know more about Polybagsupplies, call 877-796-6487 or contact our Sales team.

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