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The Problem" A manufacturer of roofing tile was using a LLDPE bag to package their individual tiles and then stacking the bags on skids for stretch wrapping and shipment. To increase packing efficiency, the poly bags contained a high slip additive, making it easy for the workers to pack the tiles inside the bag. The high slipadditive that produced productivityin their packing process became the downfall in the shipping division. The high slip additive was present on the outside of the bag as well, causingstacking issues. Conversely, when the manufacturer opted to vary the bag specifications to a lower slip level, theyexperienced blocking issues and the bags becamemuch more difficult to open.



Our Solution" With both the input from the company and a full process evaluation in hand, IPS Packaging implemented atri-extruded, differential slip bag into their operation which used HDPE on the inside layer of the bag, and medium slip LLDPE on the outside of the bag.

The HDPE material on the inside allowed the bag to be loaded without difficulty, and the medium slip LLDPE on the outside layer helped to stabilize the load. Furthermore, the LLDPE added tear resistance whilethe HDPE added both tensile strength and puncture resistance.

The end result showcased a stronger, more reliable bag that was easier to load and contained medium slip to stabilize the skid.


With anew protective packaging solution put into motion, the manufacturer increased productivity while also increasing the reliability, protection, and strength of their packaging.

IPS offered custom poly bagsproviding:

  • Ease of use
  • Load stabilization
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Reliability

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