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Protective drum liners, or protective liners, guardan underlying surface from corrosion, wear, or erosion. Drum linersmay also provide leak protection and fluid containment.

Drum Liners and Drum Covers

Protective liners come in several forms. They can beprefabricated into a specific shapes to conform to the diameter of the drum, pail, or container.

drum liners and drum covers
Drum liners are used in conjunction with bulk processing and packaging of foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, sealant, coatings, inks, dyes, paints, varnishes, colorants, liquid and powdered products, dairy products, concrete products, etc.

Round Bottom Drum Liners

Cylindrical-shaped flexible round bottom drum linersare used in open head drums.
The heat seal on the poly liner is 360 degrees and designed to hold light weight as well as extremely viscous products.
Poly liners are excellent for total product recovery and easy insertion.


Round Drum Liner Specs

  • Drum Liner Colors and Poly Materials: Clear, tinted, antistatic.
  • Poly Liner Sizes: 5, 15, 25, 30, and 55 gallon.
  • Poly Liner Thickness: .002-.010 mil.

Note: Custom Round Bottom Drum Liners sizes are available.

Elastic Drum Covers and Top Sheets

Our elastic drum covers, square top sheets, and round top sheets offer the specialized product protectionrequired by your packaging application.
The tight-fitting elastic drum covers protect in-plant or bulk packaged products from outside elements. Made of 4-mil LDPE film, elastic drum covers are ideal for food, chemical and pharmaceutical packaging applications.
Square and round top sheets are converted to fit any pail or drum. Square poly sheets are used for open head drums when packaging and processing in-plant. Round poly sheets are for added product protection when covering products with a lid.
Both square poly sheets and round top sheets are ideal for most industrial applications.
Elastic Drum Covers and Top Sheets Specs
  • Poly Material: LDPE Film.
  • Drum Cover Sizes: 5, 30, and 55 gallon.
  • Drum Cover thickness: 4 mil.
Custom Sizes and Thickness for elastic drum covers, elastic box covers, and square top sheets, and round top sheets available

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